About Ilmastodieetti is a carbon footprint calculator provided by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). It can be used to calculate your personal carbon footprint including housing, passenger transport, food, waste and the consumption of products and services. The calculator is designed for Finnish conditions. It was first launched in cooperation with YLE, Finland's national public service broadcasting company, in 2010 when the Ilmastodieetit (Climate diets in English) TV series was broadcast. The first version of the Ilmastodieetti calculator was developed in cooperation with the climate neutral municipalities network (HINKU). The calculator was updated and new features were added in 2013 in cooperation with the Ecohome project funded by the Ministry of Environment.

How does Ilmastodieetti calculate the carbon footprint?

The calculated carbon footprint is an estimation based on the input data. For instance, in a block of flats the heating energy consumption is rarely measured for each apartment. The consumption of goods and services is estimated based on the expenditure of each consumption category and the emission intensity of each consumption category on the level of the national economy. Defining a carbon footprint for each and every product would require global and detailed data collection. The calculation model and principles are updated when improved data are available. The latest update is from 2016.

» Climate diet, how we calculate the carbon footprint (2016) (pdf)

You can create an account

Users can create an account in Ilmastodieetti. Ilmastodieetti can be used without creating an account. Registered users have an advantage of seeing the history of the carbon footprints they have calculated over time. Data is saved in a database. The database is used to analyse the usage of the calculator. Summarised results and observations based on the database can be used for communications and research purposes. Individual users may not be identified from the summaries. Contact information (email) of registered users is not given to third parties. If requested, the database, excluding contact information (email), can be given to a third party for research purposes.

The Finnish Environment Institute may contact the registered users by email if they indicated their permission when registering. Email addresses are not given to third parties.

» Rekisteriseloste (pdf in Finnish)

Legal notice

The Finnish Environment Institute is responsible for the content and calculation principles of the Ilmastodieetti calculator. The calculation principles are public. New research data related to the carbon footprint of housing, passenger transport, food, and consumption are taken into account when the calculator is updated.

Use of the Ilmastodieetti calculator and data therein is at the user’s own risk. The Finnish Environment Institute is not liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by the errors in the calculator or in data within, deficiencies, use of data or claims from third parties, interruptions in the calculator, changes in the content of the calculator, termination of the provision of the calculator or that the calculator does not function properly or is unsuitable for a certain purpose.


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