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Measure your carbon footprint and start a Climatediet!

Climatediet is a tool to track and reduce your personal carbon footprint.

Calculate your carbon footprint now

The calculator helps you recognise what contributes to your carbon footprint and provides tips on how to reduce its size. The calculator is designed for Finnish conditions by the Finnish Environment Institute.

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Sign the citizens’ climate pledge!

Calculate your carbon footprint and sign the Finnish citizens’ climate pledge. Sign the pledge and commit yourself to halving your carbon footprint during the next ten years.

» Citizens’ climate pledge (in English and Finnish)

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How to reduce your carbon footprint?

Calculate and find out how to make the largest contributions to reduce your carbon footprint. You will find tips while you measure your footprint. Please note that the calculator is built to work best for Finnish conditions.

Consider offsetting the emissions that you cannot reduce. Many of us are familiar with paying offsets for air travel, but you can also compensate for other emissions. Certified carbon offsets are used in projects that reduce carbon emissions.

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How is the carbon footprint calculated?

» Documentation of calculation principles