The strategy of the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) for 2021–2025 consists of our vision, mission statement, values and objectives that guide all our activities.


Sustainability Transformation!

Mission Statement

The Finnish Environment Institute supports the building of a sustainable society with research, information and services. 




  • Global responsibility and respect for the intrinsic value of nature 
  • Ethical conduct, inclusion, fairness, and equality 
  • Eagerness for innovation and experimentation 
  • Courage to succeed, but also to fail 

Impacting objectives 

  1. We enhance climate change mitigation and adaptation 
  2. We advance the transition to a sustainable circular economy and bioeconomy 
  3. We support urban areas on their way to becoming forerunners of sustainability  
  4. We promote well-being through nature-based solutions and prevent biodiversity loss 
  5. We develop new approaches for reaching a good state of the seas and inland waters and achieving sustainable use of water resources 

Enabling objectives 

  1. We are pioneers in developing the whole value chain of environmental information 
  2. We sharpen our strategic management, provide efficient support services, and focus on the quality of our operations 
  3. We diversify our financial base and emphasise proactive financial management 
  4. We invest in the well-being and internationalisation of our staff and in skills management 
  5. We highlight effective and constructive multi-channelled communication 

Ways of operating 

  • We follow the principles of open data and open science
  • We increase understanding and develop solutions through national and international collaboration and networking
  • We observe systems holistically, accounting for their multiple interlinkages
  • We are proactive in maintaining our high level of expertise, improving our operations, and managing our operational risks
  • We are forerunners in developing and applying new research methods and opportunities presented by digitalisation
  • We minimise the environmental impact of our operations


Published 2022-10-13 at 13:15, updated 2023-04-12 at 14:28