Societal change

Societal change unit promotes our strategic objective of becoming a pioneer in the environmental information value chain. This objective is achieved through Syke’s networked research and expert work to improve the production and dissemination of information and to support societal decision-making.

The following groups are working under the Societal change unit: 

Development manager of the societal change unit

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Riikka Paloniemi
unit director


The duties of the groups under the Societal change unit:  

Politics of knowledge group 

  • studies and develops changes paths and steps,  
  • studies the politics of knowledge, institutional knowledge and knowledge-based decision- making,  
  • develops evaluation of the effects of knowledge-intensive policy programmes and preliminary assessment,  
  • studies and develops forecasting, identification of megatrends and silent signals, and construction of future scenarios,  
  • enhances the power of change in the value chain of environmental knowledge.  

Governing transformation group  

  • studies the politics and management of the sustainability transformation, and develops methods related to these,  
  • assesses and develops governing means and mechanisms,  
  • analyses the coherence of politics, synergies of various sectors and syntheses of governing methods,  
  • studies the power of change of governing methods and policies and develops means for enhancing it.  

Just transformation group  

  • supports and analyses just transformation across administrative levels and sectors,  
  • analyses conflicts and sore points, roles and configurations of power,  
  • studies the fairness of societal processes and the distribution of impacts,  
  • reviews the realisation of fairness especially in the global context,  
  • studies and develops means for enhancing the fairness of the sustainability transformation.  

Agency group  

  • studies, enhances and reforms societal agency,  
  • analyses and studies the participation and engagement of citizens, civil society and other actors in making environmental impacts,  
  • studies changes in behaviour and social practices,  
  • studies civil science and promotes its application in environmental research,  
  • studies and develops the impact of science and other societal dialogue.  


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