The Finnish Environment Institute´s advisory board

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The advisory board has been appointed by the Ministry of the Environment until 31.12.2026. The advisory board evaluates environmental research and development, supports strategic planning and to promotes cooperation between the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) and its stakeholders.

Chairman of the board

Dean, Professor Mikkö Mönkkönen (University of Jyväskylä)

Other members of the board

  • Research Director Laura Höijer (Ministry of the Environment)
  • Under-Secretary of State Petri Peltonen (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland)
  • Senior Vice President of Property Development & Renewables Tuomas Hallenberg (Metsähallitus)
  • Director of Urban Development and Environment unit Miira Riipinen (Association of Finnish Municipalities)
  • Head of Business Development Tiina Nakari-Setälä (VTT)
  • Docent, Entrepreneur Mari Pantsar (Kari & Pantsar Co.)
  • Director Timo Jokelainen (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Lapland)
  • Professor, Vice Dean Anne Toppinen (University of Helsinki)
  • Chief Policy Adviser Janne Peljo (Confederation of Finnish Industries EK)
  • Strategic Director Pieta Jarva (Baltic Sea Action Group)
  • Marine Analyst, representantive of personnel Jere Riikonen (Finnish Environment Institute)
  • Director General Leif Schulman (Finnish Environment Institute)

Research Director Eeva Primmer acts as the secretary of the advisory board.

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