KMV 11/2024 - Intercomparison test for field measurements


Proftest Syke will organize intercomparison test for field measurements of oxygen, temperature, pH, turbidity, and electrical conductivity in October 2024 in Pori.
In the intercomparison test, the comparability and accuracy of the results of the participants are demonstrated, and the quality assurance procedures of the measuring devices used by the participants are surveyed. The intercomparison test is also suitable for continuous measurement stations if the station can be moved to the test site.
After the end of registration detailed instructions will be sent to the participation. The organizing of intercomparison test for field measurements is not included in the accreditation scope of Proftest Syke but its organizing follows the principles of accredited activities.

Time and place Wednesday 9 October 2024 at 9:30–11:30 Taavi Bridge, 28100 Pori

The registration for this intercomparison test is open until 13 September 2024.
Registration is done via the link


KMV 11-2024 Infoletter_en.pdf (385 kb)

Published 2024-06-19 at 13:09, updated 2024-06-19 at 13:09