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Proftest Syke is accredited proficiency test and interlaboratory comparison organizer. We provide a wide range of interlaboratory comparisons for different sectors, for example related to environmental measurements. As proficiency testing experts we offer our services as consultants and trainers and we develop our services continuously to fulfill the needs of the evolving field of analytics

Interlaboratory comparison are tests organized in the same way for two or more participants on the same or similar samples and of the predetermined variables. They are used to externally evaluate the performance of the participants and the comparability of the analytical results. Interlaboratory comparison is proficiency test (PT) when the performance evaluation is done against predetermined criteria. Participation in interlaboratory comparisons provides external quality assessment of the routine analyses and the laboratories can compare their results with those from other participants.

We provide proficiency testing and intercomparison services for

  • Chemical, physical and biological measurements of environmental samples
  • Measurements of swimming pool and domestic waters
  • Calorific value measurement in solid fuels
  • Sampling and field measurements of environmental samples
  • Recycled material testing
  • Indoor air measurements (VOC and PAH compounds)
  • Asbestos analysis of building material samples

We also provide expert support for the proficiency tests provided by cooperation institutes

  • Proficiency test on maturity tests for compost soil improvers (provider Finnish Food Authority)
  • Microbiological analyses used in housing and health studies (provider THL, National Institute for Health and Wellfare, Finland)

For the latest information, see Current proficiency tests page.

Proftest Syke is accredited proficiency test provider (PT01, ISO/IEC 17043) by the Finnish Accreditation Services, FINAS (www.finas.en) since 2006.

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