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What is Liiteri?

Liiteri is an information service focusing on the living environment and is governed by Finnish Environment Institute. Geographical information and statistics about the built environment and land use planning have been gathered in Liiteri. The service includes over thousand map layers and almost two thousand statistics. The availability of information and functionalities in Liiteri depends on whether you are using the service without registration or as a contractual customer (paid).

Liiteri serves authorities and companies that work in sectors involving land use planning and built environment. Liiteri can for example be used for land use planning processes, granting permissions and subsidies related to construction, formulating strategic plans and programs, supporting statements, and monitoring the state of the built environment.

The service is also useful for students and researchers. Citizens interested in their living environment can search for information about their neighbourhood’s services or the current situation of land use planning.

The contents and functions of Liiteri-service are described below in general terms.

Statistics and geographical information assembled in Liiteri are maintained by many organisations

The contents of Liiteri consist of statistics and geographical information maintained by the Finnish Environmental Institute and other organisations. Other information producers include Statistics Finland, Digital and Population Data Services Agency, National Land Survey, Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, Finnish National Board of Antiquities, Centers for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, municipalities, Ministry of the Environment, the Housing Finance and Development Center of Finland ARA, and Geological Survey of Finland.

One can find from Liiteri map layers and statistics about many different topics, such as:

  • Land use planning
  • Public and private services
  • Cultural environment
  • Species and habitat types
  • Natural resources and environmental protection
  • Transport and traffic
  • Land use and land cover
  • Maritime spatial planning
  • Buildings, real estate, and housing
  • Satellite imagery and aerial photographs
  • Floods, water supply and water bodies
  • Recreational and green areas
  • Employment and commuting
  • Demographic development
  • Urban and spatial structure

There are many statistical and mapping functions in Liiteri

Liiteri is a web service where you can for example view map layers, search address- or locality-based sites, and print different thematic maps. Moreover, as a registered user, you can add your own sites to the map and import your own data or add open data from WMS-interface services. You can save and share workspaces or publish maps on your website.

You can search and compute statistics for different administrative units in Liiteri-service. It is possible to choose multiple statistics from main and sub-categories or a single statistic over many years. You can also edit the statistics table, create graphs and thematic maps. Contractual clients have a broad scale of data and all functionalities at their disposal, like the Monitoring System of Spatial Structure and Urban Form’s (YKR) 250-meter grid data, local master plans, making a buffer zone and computing statistics for any spatial division.

Information packages, which include map layers and statistics, have been created to sum up different topics as an overview to make the use of Liiteri easier.

Additional information

Presentation slides: Living Environment Information Service Liiteri (pdf)

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