International expert services

Syke's projects around the world shown on the map.

Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) provides valuable expertise in environmental policy-making and administration as well as advanced research and monitoring techniques also internationally.

Finnish Environment Institute's experts participate in a wide range of international projects which help build the administrative and management capacities of environmental authorities in developing countries and elsewhere. Syke provides expert and research services also for different Directorates-General of the European Commission and other EU institutions.

The projects are presented in more detail under "Projects of International expert services". The main customers of Syke’s international expert services are the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, the Finnish Ministry of the Environment and the European Union.

More information

Tea Törnroos
Head of International expert services
Finnish Environment Institute (Syke)


Video from ZAN-SDI -project
National Spatial Data Infrastructure for Integrated Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning (ZAN-SDI)


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