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SYKE provides information and services for government decision-making, sustainable business activities, and for research collaborators. Our most well-known services are water and flood services, laboratory services and expert advice and coordination supporting decision-making, e.g., in municipalities.

SYKE leads the Finnish Marine Research Infrastructure (FINMARI) and participates in other collaborative infrastructures for ecosystem and spatial information. FINMARI includes the well-known marine research vessel Aranda.

SYKE channels its know-how also through international expert services mainly to Finland's development cooperation partner countries. In addition, SYKE provides expert and research services to the European Commission's directorates-general, the EEA and other EU institutions, as well as customers such as ESA and various UN organisations.

For citizens, SYKE offers up-to-date information on the environment through publications and via tools for assessing environmental footprint. Examples of these online services include: Lake and sea wiki, Baltic Sea calculator, Climate Diet ja Climate Guide (More about these in Outreach, societal interaction and communications -section)). 

SYKE regularly conducts surveys of its most important public administration customers. According to these surveys, satisfaction with SYKE's service and expert support has remained at a high level. Expectations for SYKE's service and expert support are also high. In 2019, particular praise was given to SYKE's societally significant projects, climate change mitigation activities, Policy Briefs, communication of current research results, activity in Baltic Sea affairs, strong water status expertise, land use monitoring and analysis, and Red listing assessments.

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