Media and citizens' barometers

Since the beginning of the 21st century, SYKE has participated in the national Media Barometer every two years, which provides feedback from journalists on the organizations' communication service and on the reputation of the organization. According to the Finnish journalists, media communication has improved significantly during that time. SYKE's media service receives praise from journalists and is considered reliable and up-to-date. In the Media Barometer, SYKE has been ranked among the top three organizations for several years. SYKE's visibility in the media and SYKE's reputation are at a good level. Journalists are interested in SYKE and its activities. About 90 percent of SYKE's media releases end up in at least some media channels.

In 2019, SYKE participated in the Citizen Barometer conducted for the second time. Also in this barometer SYKE was ranked high, 12th of 68 governmental organizations, although citizens do not have direct daily interaction with SYKE. Of the research institutes only few were ranked higher than SYKE in terms of overall reputation. SYKE’s high ranking is most probably based on our regular services to citizens, such as current information on algal situation, on hydrological services as well as various popular calculators.

The Media and Citizens´Barometers are confidential and therefore available on in the evaluators´ working space in Tiimeri.

Published 2020-06-24 at 16:27, updated 2020-10-08 at 11:14
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