Outreach, societal interaction and communications

SYKE communicates with its various collaborators and audiences through a range of channels and platforms. The SYKE Policy Brief is a statement addressed to decision-makers and experts, setting out in a concise and well-reasoned manner SYKE's views on a topical issue. It presents the main aspects, conclusions and SYKE's recommendations for action related to the topic under discussion.

Blogs are a more informal means of communication than Policy Briefs. SYKE's researchers and experts write to the general public in SYKE's own blogs, the topics of which include solutions, observations and carbon neutrality. In addition to these, SYKE's researchers write articles specifically for decision-makers on the Government's (VNteas) blog called “Information for Use”.

In 2019, we received significant recognition for our work in promoting open science and knowledge, when the National Coordination Group for Open Science awarded SYKE the Promoters of Transparency Award. The award was now presented for the first time. In the Academy of Finland's State of Scientific Research in Finland 2018, the scientific effectiveness of research organizations was assessed in relation to the world average. In this comparison, SYKE ranked third among Finnish universities, colleges and state research institutes.

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Published 2020-06-23 at 9:21, updated 2020-06-29 at 14:42
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