Service on the management of the water balances of a mine

Do you need information about water balances to set up or expand a mine? Do you need to summarise all the environmental information from a mine site into an easily understandable form?

Finnish Environment Institute SYKE has developed a tool for the calculation of water balances and forecasts to support the operation of mines. Using the model, inflow and outflow from one basin to another can be calculated, and the water levels in separate basins. The model can be integrated with the systems used in mines.

With the model it is possible:

  • to predict real-time water balances when designing, licensing or operation a mine;
  • to design dams, pumping stations and water basins, as well as to examine alternate structural or water management options; and
  • to be prepared for changes in the water discharges and floods, as well as to ensure the adequacy of the water.

The WSFS model predictions use real-time observations and weather forecasts. The observation data can be automatically transferred to the system. The transfer is also possible by hand. The results can be viewed through the system.

Tailing pond of Vammala ore mill. © Sari Kauppi

We offer the following services

  • Water balance modelling service
  • Data management service



Published 2020-05-28 at 16:07, updated 2020-04-06 at 11:09