Information and data systems relater to the water theme

The extensive information produced by SYKE is, as a rule, openly available to the domestic and international public. The information systems for inland waters are primarily national.

Most of the monitoring data on water resources in available in real time in the SYKE Open Data web service. Anyone can access this service to search for information on water quantity and quality, biological factors, and environmental load.

SYKE regularly delivers information to the European Environment Agency (EEA), which prepares European reviews of the material collected from member states. SYKE also reports information to the EU as the relevant directives dictate. Via access to the WISE system, European information can be viewed on a map.

Find an information system or material:

Access information:

  • SYKE Open data web service (mainly in Finnish).
    The service provides information on water resources, surface waters, groundwater, species, environmental load, and land use, alongside environmental GIS data.
  • OIVA offers the Lapio download service, in which the geographical information of the environmental administration is grouped in line with the INSPIRE themes: OIVAn Latauspalvelu Lapio (in Finnish)
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