Leading marine research in the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea is an important part of the Finnish national identity and international culture. As a shallow brackish water basin, the Baltic Sea is vulnerable and strained by the large population surrounding it. We produce information on the state and changes of the sea to support decision-making.

Research allows us to assess the impact of human activity on the Baltic Sea and its requirements for sustainable development. We produce methods for assessing the state of the sea and for maritime spatial planning, in addition to information to reconcile ecological, economic and societal goals.

Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) coordinates and implements national long-term monitoring of the sea and engages in multidisciplinary marine research by utilizing modelling, measurements and observation. We serve as an expert in the implementation of Finnish marine management planning, the maritime legislation of the EU and the Convention on the Protection of the Marine Environment in the Baltic Sea.

Marine research infrastructure at Finnish Environment Institute

RV Aranda is a modern, ice-reinforced research vessel managed by the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) and owned by the state of Finland. The vessel is adapted to demanding biological, physical and chemical research in the open sea. Aranda is a key element of the infrastructure of Finnish open sea research and monitoring the state of the Baltic Sea.

The marine research vessel Aranda, the Utö Atmospheric and Marine Research Station and our laboratories provide excellent facilities for developing marine research technology. The work is supported by FINMARI (Finnish Marine Research Infrastructure), which is coordinated by Syke.

International cooperation

We work for the good of the marine environment in the Gulf of Finland. We work in close cooperation with European universities, research institutes and enterprises. Our work also extends to the Arctic region and the developing countries.

MarineFinland.fi is a treasure trove of Finnish marine data

MarineFinland.fi is a new website that brings together Finnish marine data. The site contains data for instance on various marine leisure destinations, the nature of the Baltic Sea and its changes, the various areas of marine research and the links between the Baltic Sea and society. MarineFinland.fi is maintained by Syke in cooperation with other Finnish institutes that produce marine data.


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