Steering group

SEVIRA’s Steering Committees have been established both in Russia and Finland. The members represent local environmental authorities and NGOs etc. The first meetings were organized in autumn 2019. The main work of the Steering Committee is:

  • to follow up the progress of the project and participate to Steering Committee meetings.
  • to spread information about the project results among local decision-makers, NGOs and citizens.
  • to participate in compilation of the project’s final product; the Road Map. It gives for local authorities concrete suggestions how to improve the ecological state of the study area in a cost-effective way.

SEVIRA’s Steering Committee in Finland

  • Raija Aura, project co-ordinator, Lappeenranta Region’s Environmental Office
  • Risto Kiljunen, managing director, Raija and Ossi Tuuliainen Foundation
  • Vappu Kuokka, chairperson of the municipal government, Virolahti Muncipality
  • Riitta Moisio, water and environment manager, Lappeenrannan Lämpövoima Ltd
  • Krista Rantamo, environmental inspector, City of Hamina, environmental protection
  • Matti Vaittinen, environment manager  (Laura Blomqvist, environment coordinator) Regional Council of South-Karelia
  • Ilkka Räsänen, environmental director, City of Lappeenranta

SEVIRA's Steering Committee in Russia

  • Haustov Vitaly, Russian State Hydrometerological University, Head Department of Hydrophysics and Hydroprojections
  • Kazmina Marina, Neva-Ladoga Basin Water Management,Deputy Head
  • Murashko Ivan, Committee on Natural Resources of Leningrad Region, Head of the monitoring department. Deputy Head of the Department of Natural Resources
  • Artemova Tatiana, Guild of environmental journalists of St. Petersburg, Co-chair
  • Grigoryev Alkesandr, Committee on Nature Management, Environmental Protection and Environmental Safety SPb Head of the Department of State Regulation in the Field of Environmental Protection.
  • Troshenko Dmitry, State Unitary Enterprise "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg", Deputy Director of the Branch for Cooperation with Profile Enterprises and Organizations
  • Kinebas Anatoly, State Unitary Enterprise "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg" , Manager of interaction with public and professional organizations of the enterprise
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