Project structure

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Sevira project structure.
Bigger picture: Sevira project struture (pdf).

The project’s objectives

  • Take steps forward to improve the environmental state in a sub-area of the Gulf of Finland (GOF) by combining scientific and societal actions in the surrounding area.
  • Management of the environmental state of the GOF so that it truly takes the land-based load characteristics into account cannot be realized on the entire basin level
  • Rather, the coastal areas have to be handled as separate cases that are tailored to meet local requirements.
    • This project represents a way to deal with local characteristics and provides steps forward in the environmental management in a realistic scale which can be applied to other coastal areas of the GOF.

The main outputs of the project

  • Increase in the environmental awareness of the public: citizens have a knowledge base towards environmentally friendly living and consumption habits
  • Impact on local environmental decision-making: land-based nutrient load into the GOF and its effects can be better accounted for in political decisions
  • New advice to the local environmental administration on improved environmental monitoring practices and cost-efficient tools for monitoring
  • More reliable and frequent water quantity and quality data to serve as the basis of all societal discussions
  • Guidance to local decision-makers and e.g. land owners on how to take the expected climate change into consideration in the environmental management
  • The final Road Map for the suggested concrete actions to improve the state of the Finnish-Russian cross-boundary water areas, based on the Round Table discussions between the project group, local decision-makers and NGOs (citizens)
Funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.
Published 2019-04-26 at 12:54, updated 2022-07-06 at 13:53
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