Third SEVIRA virtual hydrological workshop: Floods, field measurements and data comparison

News 2021-06-07 at 15:06
River Rakkolanjoki. Photo: Merja Pulkkanen.

SEVIRA project organized a third virtual workshop for Finnish and Russian hydrologists remotely on May 25, 2021. The topics workshop covered were:

  • Practices and procedures for estimating flood frequencies in Finland,
  • spring flood forecasting and results in Russia in 2021,
  • River Neva with the flood history of 1824 and 1924 and assumptions for 2024,
  • flood in River Tikhvinka, discharge measurements in River Rakkolanjoki and laboratory analyses for key nutrients in Russia (videos),
  • comparison of Finnish and Russian hydrological data

The hydrologists also discussed about the lessons learnt during the SEVIRA project and possible ways to continue the important and fluent cross-border co-operation with each other in the future. A total of 22 participants (7 from SYKE, 5 from ELY and 10 from Russia NW AHEM) took part in this seminar. Finnish participants (teleworking) joined the meeting with their own computers and the Russians participated from their seminar room at the Saint Petersburg office.

The continuation of the covid-19 pandemic has affected the SEVIRA project, particularly the organization of joint seminars and joint field monitoring events. Two online virtual hydrology workshops were already held in November 2020 and February 2021. The next SEVIRA hydrological seminar in August, Watershed simulation and Forecasting system in Finland, will also be held as a virtual meeting. Before the pandemic, one of the on-site seminars was held in Finland and one in Russia. In addition, two joint monitoring events had been held in Finland and one in Russia.

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