SEVIRA-project's DIY: Matti is an ice citizen scientist in Lake-seawiki

News 2021-05-05 at 13:57

Do-it-yourself -video: Matti is an ice citizen scientist in Lake-seawiki

It's fun, interesting and exciting to monitor your nearby waters. Anyone can become a citizen scientist. In this SEVIRA-project's Do-It-Yourself-video Matti Lindholm, an employee at the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, reflects on his thoughts on following the ice situation on his cottage lake using the Lake-seawiki citizen science service.

Although icecover season is already over in Southern Finland, it's also important to document the time when iceless season begins. And it's useful to write it down every spring as then you can follow the changes.

During summer season there are also many interesting things for  a citizen scientis to monitor like surface water termperature, transparency and algal situation. There are many ways to be a water researcher and produce relevant content for the wiki. Find yours! Here are a few steps you can take to get started. You can do it today. Start right away with these steps in the Lake-seawiki:

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