SEVIRA-project presented in St. Petersburg

News 2019-12-05 at 11:43

SEVIRA-project was presented for environmental journalists and communication specialists in an open event in the House of journalists in St. Petersburg at the end of November. In the event there was presented the Gulf of Finland cross-border co-operation between Finland and Russia. The event was organized by Tatiana Artemova (co-chair from Guild of environmental journalists of St. Petersburg) who is the member of the SEVIRA's Steering Committee in Russia. There were over 20 communication specialists.

Project co-cordinator Ljudmila Vesikko from Finnish Environment Institute presented the targets and background of the project. Content of the project was presented by representatives from three work packages.

Ljubov Fomina from NW AHEM told “how rewarding and interesting it has been to learn from one another in the meetings and how we have acquainted to each other’s methods in field trips”. Sergey Kondratyev from IL RAS gave an introduction of the modelling work package and how the models are being developed. “With these models it will be possible to tell what may happen in the future for example due to climate change in different areas” told Kondratyev.

Anna Kryukova from Ecocentrum told about the public awareness working package and environmental education. Citizen survey which was carried in the area of River Seleznevka, rose especially wide interest.

Altogether all presentations rose lots of interest and there was lot of discussion. There were also posed many questions of national monitoring.

Ljudmila Vesikko from the Finnish Environment Institute.
Ljubov Fomina from NW AHEM.
Sergey Kondratyev from IL RAS.


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