SEVIRA hydrologists held a second virtual workshop

News 2021-03-15 at 15:38

The Finnish and Russian hydrologists of the SEVIRA project held a second virtual workshop remotely on February 24, 2021. In this virtual event, presentations were given on

  • Russian peatland hydrological measurements,
  • Vyborg Bay measurement trips,
  • new outsourcing period 2021-2023 for hydrological measurements in Finland,
  • automation of groundwater measurements,
  • watershed modelling and forecasts and
  • new website.

In addition, a workshop was planned in May to review and compare the project's measurement results. The Russians are interested in hearing more about watershed modeling system in Finland, and another seminar event is planned for this. A total of 17 people (6 people from SYKE, 3 from ELY and 8 from Russia) took part in this event. Finns all participated from their own computers and Russians were in the same seminar room at the Saint Petersburg office.

The continuation of the covid-19 pandemic has affected the SEVIRA project, particularly the organization of joint seminars and joint field monitoring events. One virtual hydrology workshop was already held in the autumn in November 2020. The next hydrological seminars in 2021 will most likely also be held virtually. Before the corona times, one of the on-site seminars was held in Finland and one in Russia. In addition, two joint monitoring events had been held in Finland and one in Russia.


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