Joint hydrological measurements were conducted by Russian and Finnish hydrologists in Vyborg

News 2019-09-30 at 8:44
Russian hydrologists preparing ADCP device ready for discharge measurement. Photo Pekka Vähänäkki.

A joint hydrological monitoring event of the SEVIRA project was held in Vyborg on 4th to 6th September. Russian and Finnish experts in hydrological monitoring conducted measurements at/in Seleznevka (Rakkolanjoki) and Buslovka (Hounijoki) rivers. This was the second joint monitoring event of the SEVIRA project organized to share knowledge between experts of the both countries.

Hydrologists also took water samples for further laboratory analysis and measured the discharge – the volume of water flowing per unit time through the river cross-section.

The hydrologists used both traditional current meter and modern Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) to measure water flow. An automatic hydrological station near the Luzhayka rural settlement was also visited. This automatic water level sensor transmits information about the water level directly to the laboratory and also to Finland. This hydrological station is equipped with digital video recorder with solar power supply.

A hydro-meteorological station near Vyborg was also visited. An overview of meteorological observations made at the station was given by station staff, as well as they explained processing of the observations received from the local observers.

Technologies and devices used in hydrology in Russia and Finland are similar. The methodologies and organization of the monitoring in both countries were discussed.

In the workshop Finnish colleagues gave a presentation on the organization of hydrological monitoring in Finland. Also further plans for upcoming project events were discussed together with all project participants.

Measuring water flow in river Rakkalanjoki with traditional current meter and ADCP. Photo Pekka Vähänäkki.
Taking a water sample from river Rakkolanjoki. Photo Pekka Vähänäkki.


Visiting Vyborg meteorological station. Photo Pekka Vähänäkki.



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