Value through intensive and efficient fibre supply (EffFibre)

Workpackage 2 Task 4: Forest products’ environmental performance ‘EVERGREEN’

Project description

EVERGREEN is part of EffFibre Research Project, and it belongs to Finnish Forest Cluster programme. EffFibre aims at defining the potential and methods of intensive forest management to increase domestic wood and biomass production in a sustainable manner. EVERGREEN will be based on research activities and knowledge carried out during the past few years. The goal of the project is to improve and develop the means of environmental communication and produce scientific-based environmental indicators for forest based industry. EVERGREEN will focus on biogenic carbon balance (in forest and in soil), water footprint, land use and biodiversity. SYKE is responsible for the subproject on biodiversity.

More information

Researcher Anne Holma,Finnish Environment Institute SYKE,

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