Baltic Sea Camp

31 July– 5 August 2023: International Baltic Sea camp

Tvärminne zoological station, Hanko, Finland
Participants: Young people from Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

The BALTICITIES-project / the Harakka Nature Center

The Tvärminne zoological station is situated in nature reserve area at the entrance of the Gulf of Finland. In the camp scientists from Finland and Baltic countries sensitized young participants to many aspects of Baltic Sea life. With days of swimming, snorkeling and taking sea water samples, they are literally immersed in the marine environment. In workshops they study seashore creatures - great and small – and learn about the effects of microplastics in the sea. By playing a game they test how to plan human use of the sea resources in sustainable way. Not to forget the important objectives of learning international environmental cooperation and cultural exchange.

Images from Tvärminne: sea landscape and ineterior of the station
© Kuva: Eija Rantajärvi
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