The key questions of plastics recycling (Muoviavain project)

The Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) and ResourceLoop Oy will together study the current status and future perspectives of plastics recycling and markets of secondary plastics in Finland. The study supports the implementation of the Plastics roadmap for Finland so that the recycling of plastics would be substantially more efficient and the markets for secondary plastics much larger by 2030 when compared to the present state.

Piles of plastic granulates
Colorful plastic granulates for producing plastic items. © Photo: IStock

Recycling of plastics, recyclability of plastic products and plastic products made of secondary plastics play a key role in a functioning Circular Economy of plastics. In Finland, cross-sectoral national programme, the Plastics Roadmap, is accelerating the transition towards a sustainable Circular Economy for plastics. This roadmap aims for a breakthrough in this transition by 2030. Business-oriented change in the plastic market is required to achieve the set goals, but also correctly selected measures from the public authority and progressive research, development and innovation policy is needed.

Review of the state of recycling is essential for the implementation of the Plastics roadmap for Finland

The successful implementation of the Plastic Roadmap requires a wide-ranging knowledge and overview of the quantitative, technical-economic and environmental aspects of plastic recycling, which are the aspects Muoviavain will particularly address. In addition, recommendations on how to strengthen the impact of the Plastic Roadmap and how to boost recycling of plastics and related Circular Economy in Finland is produced in the project.

Muoviavain will create an overall picture of the current state of plastic recycling, future prospects and developmental opportunities in Finland based on the analysis of regulations, international plastics recycling value networks and complementary empirical data. The factors that have effect on the operation of the secondary plastics market and the development of the recycling rate of plastics will be addressed. Finally, the project will define ways to support the goals of Plastic Roadmap related to plastic recycling and the development of the secondary plastics market. The project is implemented by Finnish Environmental Institute Syke (coordinator) and ResourceLoop Oy.

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Published 2023-03-29 at 14:45, updated 2024-03-01 at 8:28