The deliverable documents and other results of the project are available through the links in the table below.

Public project deliverables. PM stands for Progress Meeting. FR is the Final Review.

Deliverable ID  Title Event Delivery Date to ESA
RB Requirement Baseline PM1 03/2019
DS Dataset PM2 09/2019
DD Dataset Description PM2 09/2019
ATBD Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document V2 PM3 09/2020
VR Product Validation Report V2 PM3 09/2020
EDS Experimental Dataset* PM4 09/2020
DUM Dataset User Manual PM4 09/2020
IAR Impact Assessment Report PM4 09/2020
SR Scientific Roadmap FR 11/2020
  Scientific paper** FR 09/2020
  Final Report FR 11/2020
D7.3 Executive Summary FR 11/2020

* See the DUM and the Data access section


Neumann, T., Koponen, S., Attila, J., Brockmann, C., Kallio, K., Kervinen, M., Mazeran, C., Müller, D., Philipson, P., Thulin, S., Väkevä, S., and Ylöstalo, P.: Optical model for the Baltic Sea with an explicit CDOM state variable: a case study with Model ERGOM (version 1.2), Geosci. Model Dev., 14, 5049–5062, 2021.


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