Partners and Scientific Advisory Board

Finnish Environment Institute SYKE under the Finnish Ministry of Environment, is a government research institute, and a center for environmental expertise. SYKE's research focuses on changes in the environment, and seeks ways to control these changes. SYKE conducts research on wide range of fields, from environmental policy, state of natural environment, climate change, marine and freshwater environments, to the cryosphere. A strong focus is on multi-disciplinary work and providing information, skills and services to achieving sustainable development in Finland and globally. The information produced in research and operational services are served to customers ranging from researchers in environmental administration and universities to governmental and municipal authorities as well as common citizens.

SYKE is responsible for the overall coordination of the project. In addition, SYKE handles the EO and in situ data collection and processing, and participates in the validation and impact analysis.

Brockmann Consult GmbH (BC)is a private company offering services for the management of environmental data in particular from Earth Observation. The company comprises two complementary branches: The Environmental Informatics Department and the Geo-Information Services Department. The company has 30 staff members and is located in Geesthacht, Germany.

BCs main role in the project is algorithm and software development.

Brockmann Geomatics (BG) is a private company of geoinformatic consultants, offering services comprising information products and methodological solutions, based on remote sensing and GIS technology, with focus on natural objects with high conservation value. The company was established in March 2011 but the personnel are experienced remote sensing, GIS and environmental specialists with vast experience in the field. BG has five employees of which four have doctorates.

BG leads the impact analysis part of the project and participates in the validation of EO and model data.

SOLVO is an innovative microenterprise providing consultancy services since 2013 in mathematical modelling and algorithmics. Its main activity deals with remote-sensing from space, with a focus on sensor calibration, algorithm development and uncertainty assessment. The scientific staff of SOLVO currently involved in Baltic+ comprises Dr Constant Mazeran (founder, PhD in applied mathematics).

SOLVOs main role in the project is algorithm development for atmospheric correction.

The Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde (in short: IOW) is a public research institute. The IOW´s mission is to conduct interdisciplinary marine research in coastal seas, with special emphasis on the Baltic Sea. Research at the IOW focuses on observations and modelling of ecosystem changes and their underlying processes in marginal seas and shelf regions. It aims to acquire an in-depth understanding of the functions of the ecosystem with the overall objective to differentiate between natural variability and anthropogenically triggered changes.

IOWs role in the project is to do the required modifications to their ERGOM biogeochemical model, run the model and participate in the impact analysis.

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Karl Norling, Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management
  • Harri Kuosa, Finnish Environment Institute
  • Vivi Fleming-Lehtinen, Finnish Environment Institute
  • Prof. Anna Rutgersson, Uppsala University
  • Hajo Krasemann, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht
  • Lena Kritten, Free University of Berlin
  • Juergen Fischer, Free University of Berlin


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