Resource and Environment Protection in the Timano-Pechora Region, Russia

Project Description

The project included e.g.

contribution to a comprehensive strategy for the sustainable development of the TPP, including socio-economic issues;

  • review of the status of the environment framework and environmental protection issues related to energy resources and their development;
  • capacity building of regional and local authorities in respect of the development of energy resources and environment protection, and inter-regional policy; this is to include such issues as development of a capacity: 1) to estimate and assess pollution and damage caused by the previous and current activities of oil and gas and other energy companies; 2) to assess environmental impact of future developments; 3) to make recommendations and take decisions in respect of environment monitoring issues and the definition of preventative measures; 4) to make recommendations and take decisions in respect of environment rehabilitation issues.

The project included also a Geographic Information System component containing GIS development for Kolva river area. The drainage basins of the rivers in the area were digitised in order to manage risks of oil spills to the river environment. Satellite images and related software were acquired to map environmental impacts of oil production and transport in the area.

Services provided by SYKE included

  • Support to the improvement of the NaoInfoGeoCentre in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug (the Centre is responsible for management of regional geological and economic databases, management of the District Natural Resources Management System, information services for the Administration of NAO and for larger range of users):
  1. Analysis of the existing organization and preparation of proposals for further development of the env. information system structure;
  2. Development of data collection procedures, data processing, and information dissemination;
  3. Support in the development of the planned regional information network (GIS), relational database system and satellite remote sensing technology) and assessment of procurement needs of necessary hardware and software;
  4. Definition and organization of personnel training program.
  • Similar support to the Scientific Technical Centre for Computerised Geo-information Cadastre System (Cadastre Centre) of the Komi Republic (the Centre provides information on natural resources and state of the environment for different administrative organs and for wider public) as listed under the previous point;
  • Support to the establishment of the Pilot Environmental Information Unit in Moscow;
  • Support to the establishment of an inter-institutional and inter-republican Water Quality Monitoring System;
  • Support to the improvement of the NAO laboratories.

More information

Ms. Kati Pritsi, Project Coordinator, International Affairs Unit, Finnish Environment Institute

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