Nordic carbon footprint calculators for citizens

Carbon footprint on-line  calculators have been available for citizens for more than a decade. Carbon footprint calculators are introduced by governmental and non-governmental organisations. The purpose of the calculators is to communicate about carbon footprints of consumption (housing, food, mobility, goods and services) and to help citizens to make informed consumption choices. Typically, calculatros provide advice how to decrease the size of one's footprint.

We will map and assess the available Nordic on-line carbon footprint calculators. In addition, we will look into 2-3 calculators as benchmarks outside Nordic countries.  Based on existing research, we build an assessment framework to study:

  • How interactive the calculators are? Does the calculator use some real measured data on consumption (e.g. money, energy etc.)?
  • Do calculators take into account if respondents use products that have lower carbon footprint?
  • How have the calculators been marketed to citizens? Have they been used as part of a campaign?
  • Has the impact of calculators on behavior change been studied?

In addition to exiting studies and calculators available, we interview calculator developers to answer the re research questions. As a result, we will make suggestions how to develop calculators and improve their impact on consumption patterns.

Preliminary list of calculators studied:

Reports, slideshows and other material from this project will be published on this page during the project.

Published 2016-05-16 at 16:10, updated 2023-03-21 at 14:35