Alternative scenarios for blue economies in the Gulf of Finland and Archipelago Sea

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Do we want to change the ways the sea areas are used now and in the future? The Plan4Blue project presents four scenarios for how our choices will affect people and the marine nature in the Gulf of Finland and the Archipelago Sea. The short animation presents four alternative future scenarios: “Unlimited growth”, “Virtual reality”, “Sustainability above all!” and “Sustainability dilemma”.
More detailed information on how the alternative scenarios would affect different sectors can be found in the infographs and  scenario report (pdf 2 MB).

Infographics of scenarios of different sectors



Publications and reports


Reports on blue economy of Plan4Blue project

Scenario-building process

The scenario-building process was part of the Plan4Blue project in “Potential for Sustainable Blue Economies” work package. The scenario process produced both qualitative and quantitative data. Expert views were included in the process from the Delphi studies, the scenario workshops, as well as from expert interviews. Economic and socioeconomic analyses are published in the reports mentioned above.

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Work package leader Ms Riitta Pöntynen, University of Turku,

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