Knowledge, communication and targeting of biodiversity conservation

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This interdisciplinary research project addresses the targeting challenge in allocating the efforts to conserve biodiversity. Taking the practice of biodiversity conservation and the local actors’ experience and views as a starting point, we analyze and develop targeting across forest and agricultural habitats, at the regional, landscape and farm scales. We seek to answer the following questions:

  1. how can biodiversity conservation efforts of landowners and other actors be developed through advancing knowledge production and conservation allocation;
  2. how do the landowners who have valuable sites perceive allocating efforts, utilise various sources of knowledge and trust other actors on the field, and
  3. how can landscape level ecological knowledge and other spatial knowledge support conservation allocation efforts.


The project offers tools for the forest professionals and improves dialogue between professionalts and forest owners © Kimmo Syrjänen

The innovations to better allocate biodiversity conservation resources are studied in western Finland and North Carelia, using social science and conservation biological analyses. These include dialogue workshops with a range of stakeholders, surveys to land-owners and forestry professionals as well as the spatial prioritization tool Zonation. To advance broad use of the findings and innovations, the project cooperates with relevant groups, and disseminates the results also at a national level.

Further information

Senior researcher, Riikka Paloniemi, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE),, tel. + 358 29 525 1493.

Senior researcher, research coordinator, Eeva Primmer, Finnish Environment

Post doc researcher Anni Arponen, University of Helsinki

Researcher, Teppo Hujala, Metsäntutkimuslaitos (Metla)

METSO coordinator, Saija Kuusela, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE),, tel. + 358 29 525 1647.

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