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Water is everybody´s business.

GOVAQUA aims to engage the many actors, decision makers and interest groups in the water field in the development of innovative governance instruments and approaches that can accelerate the transition towards sustainable and equitable water use in Europe. The project will work closely with different stakeholders especially in the six living labs where the good practises in water governance will be tried, tested, and refined. If You are interested in the living labs, feel free to contact their leaders! Link to information about living labs and their leaders.

GOVAQUA results will be actively shared with the river basin community of the International Network of Basin Organisations and its European regional network EURO-INBO and associated sectors, civil society, and research community. For instance, the most important results will be published as an online academy of EURO-INBO workshops. If You are interested in GOVAQUA´s partnership with EURO-INBO, contact International Cooperation Project Manager François-Xavier Imbert  at the International Office for Water.

GOVAQUA will also take part in relevant water events. Information about these events will be published at the project website.

The communications work in the project is led by Finnish Environment Institute. Contact: Communication Specialist Eija Järvinen

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Our favoured hashtags: #GOVAQUA, #WaterGovernance2027 #WaterGovernance

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