Evaluating integrated spatially explicit carbon-neutrality for boreal landscapes and regions (C-NEUT)

The challenges posed by climate change, biodiversity loss and harmful land-use are deeply interconnected. Successful co-managing of these drivers requires innovative methods that can prioritize and target management actions against multiple criteria, while also enabling evaluation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from different sources and integrated land use planning. The overall objective of the project is to provide top-class spatially explicit information on the potential for reaching carbon-neutrality in boreal landscapes and regions, considering sustainability issues and utilising and developing advanced digitally based technologies. Both anthropogenic and land-use based GHG-emissions are evaluated. The policy-relevant aim is to provide detailed spatial, scenario-based information at different scales for key end-users (e.g., communities, provinces, forestry districts, ministries). This information can be used for e.g., regional land-use and energy strategy planning/management, and sustainability assessment. The project is carried out by a multidisciplinary team from the Finnish Environment Institute, Finnish Meteorological Institute and the universities of Helsinki and Eastern Finland. The consortium has access to world-class sites and data on GHG-processes (belonging to international research infrastructures ICOS, eLTER), earth system, forest and emission models, and national-scale land-use, climate, and anthropogenic emission databases. The project integrates data from empirical process research, modelling of both anthropogenic emissions and natural emissions/sinks, remote sensing techniques, and regional extrapolation and uncertainty assessment methodologies.

The project is carried out in close cooperation with the IBC-Carbon project. The publications and other outputs of the C-NEUT project are listed at the homepage of the IBC-Carbon project.

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Research professor Martin Forsius, firstname.lastname@syke.fi

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Published 2023-10-27 at 14:37, updated 2024-03-22 at 14:40

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