Developing a common knowledge base for monitoring land use and its changes (Mammutti)

Project background 

In order to mitigate climate change, Finland aims to be carbon neutral in 2035. The land use sector is both a significant carbon sink and a source of CO2 emissions. In order to reduce emissions and increase carbon sinks, accurate and up-to-date information on land use and its changes to support national and local decision-making and to provide information for international reporting is needed. In Finland, land use and land cover data are collected and maintained for various purposes by several organizations and combining data sets into comprehensive land use data is challenging. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has  identified information needs related to the knowledge base of climate measures in the land use sector as part of the climate programme of the land use sector of the current Government Programme. 

Project objectives

The goals of the Mammutti-project are: 

  • Improve the knowledge base (accuracy, timeliness and usability) of land use and its changes as a basis for reporting, planning, monitoring and decision-making. 
  • Produce data sets describing land use and its changes, combining and further processing data produced by different actors. 
  • Create a common operating model for land use data producing organizations to enable regular monitoring of land use and land use change data. 

The project will specify and prioritize the information needs of different stakeholders and requirements related to land use and its changes. Existing spatial and remote sensing data and other sources of information will be used, and the suitability of available data will be assessed against the specified information needs. Where necessary, the data will be supplemented by the production of new data. Land use data products will be produced from the pilot areas according to the identified data needs. The project will create a common operational/management model for organizations to support the monitoring of land use and land use change. 

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Project implementation 

The project is implemented as a  collaboration of five partners the Finnish Environment Institute (coordinator), the National Land Survey of Finland, the Natural Resources Institute Finland, the Finnish Food Authority and the Finnish Forest Centre. The communication and interaction of the project will be carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MMM), project steering group and other stakeholders. MMM communicates about the project as part of the Catch the Carbon R&I Programme. 

Project news in English

Experts from Spatineo Inc. created an operating model for the organisations producing land use data. As part of the work, a value tree analysis of the spatial data products to be developed in the project was carried out:

Blog: "Value tree analysis visualizes climate change mitigation and habitat loss prevention"

Contact information 

Senior Coordinator Elise Järvenpää Finnish Environment Institute SYKE (

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