Co-operation for the Convention on Biological Diversity (CO-OP4CBD)

Plenary session of the CBD negotiations in Montreal.
CBD negotiations in Montreal, December 2022. © Kaisa Pietilä


The overall aim of the CO-OP4CBD project is to enhance coordination of European Union support to advance the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), through a more effective use of existing expertise and initiatives. This will lead to greater coherence in the ways in which the EU, its Member States and associated countries identify and draw on available expertise, improved advice, and support to a range of CBD processes, and a more coordinated and cooperative approach in the engagement of experts in supporting implementation of other intergovernmental agreements and processes.

Syke’s role in the work packages

Syke is the lead of work package 1 (WP1) and has an active and major role in WP3 and WP6 as well. 

  • WP1: We act as the lead of a work package, where the aim is to map what kind of knowledge needs the negotiators from EU Member States and associated countries have, related to the CBD negotiations and national implementation. The work package aims to solve what these needs are, and which existing institutions can contribute to these knowledge needs. The third aim is to create a mechanism for easily identifying who can contribute now and in the future, to achieve the aims of the knowledge support for CBD in a manner that ensures its long-term continuation. 
  • WP3: Syke has a major role in the third work package related to monitoring and indicators. The work package develops monitoring systems and methods, and develops and adopts new indicators to monitor the implementation and progress of the new Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework. 
  • WP6 (Task 6.5.): Syke is involved in identifying synergies related to intergovernmental processes and decision-making processes, and in developing ways in which these synergies can be used e.g. in implementing and negotiating international environmental goals. 

More information

  • Senior research scientist, group manager Kaisa Korhonen-Kurki,, +358 295 251 412 
  • Senior research scientist Kaisa Pietilä,, +358 2952 51477 
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