Comprehensive assessment of climate measures in catchments - with system analysis towards carbon-neutral land use (SysteemiHiili)

Comprehensive approach towards the overall sustainability of natural resource use

The fragmentation of information on climate change mitigation and adaptation and the lack of syntheses make it difficult to use research results to support climate-wise and sustainable decision-making in the land use sector. Strengthening carbon sinks in soil and tree biomass is important, but water bodies also process carbon and nutrients leached from terrestrial ecosystems, accumulate terrestrially fixed carbon and act as a source of greenhouse gases

The main goal of the SysteemiHiili project is to improve methodological capacity and understanding of the impact chains and overall impacts of land use change, and to support the introduction of climate-wise, sustainable and cost-efficient solutions at national, regional, catchment and local levels.

Project description

The project develops a system based on the ecosystem service concept, for managing carbon flows at the catchment level. It studies the release of carbon from the catchments under different land use and the climate impact of carbon leached into water bodies, as well as looks for solutions that mitigate climate impact and brownification of waters. In addition, the project develops the carbon processes calculation and integrated impact assessment of the national VEMALA model used in nutrient load assessment and water management and planning.

The project also will increase the capacity to effectively apply systems analysis methods to comprehend complex systems. The SysteemiHiili project also examines the acceptability of new land use options in finished peat extraction areas and the policy instruments that promote these options and their social acceptability.

Furthermore, it contributes to the achievement of national climate goals in applying the developed methods in regional climate work in pilot areas. The joint development of the project with various organizations and stakeholders creates new opportunities for co-operation and new options to find more sustainable solutions for achieving carbon neutrality goals.

More information

  • Consortium leader, Head of Unit Mika Marttunen, Finnish Environment Institute Syke, p. +358295251411, 
  • Vice-leader, Research Professor Martin Forsius, Finnish Environment Institute Syke, p. +358295251118, 
  • Work package 1: Senior research scientist Virpi Junttila, Finnish Environment Institute Syke, p. +358295 251098,
  • Work package 2: Senior researcher Ahti Lepistö, Finnish Environment Institute Syke, p. +358295251367,
  • Work package 3: Hydrologist Inese Huttunen, Finnish Environment Institute Syke, p. +358295251195,
  • Work package 4: Senior researcher Jyri Mustajoki, Finnish Environment Institute Syke, p. +358295251802,
  • Work package 5: Professor Lasse Peltonen, University of Eastern Finland UEF, p. +358504667204, 
  • Work package 6: Research scientist Aleksi Räsänen, Natural Resources Institute Finland Luke, p. +358505624400, 
  • Work package 7: RDI-specialist Tuomo Eskelinen, Savonia university of applied sciences, p. +358447856613, 
  • Communication contact person: Communication Specialist Katri Haatainen, Finnish Environment Institute Syke, p. +358295251135,
Published 2021-03-17 at 14:27, updated 2023-02-01 at 15:51