Action 1: Mapping and risk classification of AS-soils

Action 1 develops methods for identification, mapping and risk classification of AS-soils. Participants include Geological Survey of Finland (coordinator), Åbo Akademi University, University of Helsinki and SYKE.

Potential AS-soil regions include former coastal areas of the Littorina Sea. In the North Ostrobothnia this area is delineated by the contour line around 100 m, in Southern Finland around 30-40 m above the current sea level. Due to the strong land uplift AS-soils emerge from the sea even today. Sulfurous sediments are also sporadically found in lakes and peatlands of other regions in Finland.

Tasks of the Action are

  • Collation and evaluation of the existing scattered information on AS-soils and databases in order to delineate areas where these soils have been identified or are likely to occur in Finland
  • Development of cost-effective methods for further mapping of AS-soils. More detailed surveys, utilizing also earlier field data, are targeted to pilot areas of special concern where the extent, depth, and physical and chemical quality of the soils will be determined
  • Based on the pilot area studies, a guidance on how to identify and characterize AS soils will be developed
  • Developing classification criteria of AS-soils based on their potential to cause environmental risks, also taking the expected changes in climate into account 
  • Yield of maps and a public database about occurrence, nature and risk classification of AS-soils
  • This action co-operates with actions 2,3 and 4 in making suggestions for land-use practices and scenarios for the development of risks under changing climate

Contact: Peter Edén, GTK, tel. +358 20 550 5215,

Information on mapping and location of AS-soils is available via geoportal maintained by Geological Survey of Finland.

Published 2013-08-23 at 10:59, updated 2023-08-01 at 15:45
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