CircVol 2 6Aika project: Utilization of high-volume side streams and masses of soil in cities

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The project encourages reusing and utilizing recycled materials in civil and urban construction. The aim is to save valuable and finite natural resources and to reduce the carbon footprint in civil construction. The project supports cities and businesses by disseminating information on carbon footprinting and large-scale utilization of recycled materials.


The planned measures for the project will be implemented as a follow-up to the CircVol (2018-2020) project. The project is divided in three work packages (WPs), and SYKE (Finnish Environment Institute) participates in all of them in close cooperation with other project partners. The grand aims are to examine the overall carbon footprint of stabilised dredging mass on a recipe-by-stabilisation basis and to study the effects of post-treatment of non-stabilised dredging masses raised on land on the dissolution of harmful substances.

SYKE, together with Åbo Akademi University, is responsible for the WP1 "Calculating the carbon footprint" and examines the carbon footprint of the test plots stabilised in the Matalahti test field in a holistic manner. As part of the WP, SYKE focuses particularly on evaluating changing legislation and taking its requirements into account in the implementation of the calculation. SYKE, together with ÅA, assesses the usefulness, representativeness, limitations and definitions related to calculation. The usefulness of the data collected and obtained is assessed for national level greenhouse gas emission calculations.

In WP2, SYKE, together with GTK, assesses the effects of dredging mass treatment on the dissolution of harmful substances and the potential environmental impact. In addition to the Matalahti dredging mass, the option is to study dredging mass of another similar site in the Oulu region, for which SYKE is responsible for sampling and conducting sub-studies.

WP 3 concerns the dissemination and indicuration of acquired information. SYKE participates in disseminating and indining information in expert speeches on the issues of WP1 and WP2. In addition, SYKE will actively participate in the dialogue with various stakeholders during the CircVol 2 -project regarding the implementation and application of carbon footprint calculation.

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  • Leading expert Outi Pyy (SYKE); tel. +358 295 251 530
  • Senior Advisor Reeta Huhtinen (Turku Science Park ); tel. +358 40 0832488
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