COPERNICUS Marine Service

The project supports the continuation, the enhancement and the further development of the CMEMS INSTAC service provided during Phase 1. The CMEMS INSTAC is a distributed service that  integrates data from different sources for operational oceanography and downstream user needs.

Data from outside data providers (national and international networks) are compiled and homogeneously quality controlled by the INSTAC to fulfil the needs of internal and external users. It also provides access to integrated datasets of core parameters ( Surface and subsurface Temperature and Salinity, surface and subsurface current , sea level, Ocean wave, oxygen, nutrients, chlorophyll and carbon characterizing ocean state and ocean variability. By doing this, the INSTAC provides products for the initialization, assimilation and validation of numerical ocean models usedfor forecasting, analysis and re-analysis of ocean conditions as well as for other applications and uses  of the marine stakeholders.


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Leading Research Scientist Seppo Kaitala

phone +358 295 251 250

Published 2018-02-16 at 11:51, updated 2018-02-16 at 12:15

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