CONSOLCA – an LCA consolidation project

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a widely accepted methodological approach for assessing the environmental impacts of products and services over their life cycle and it is increasingly used in decision-making both in businesses and in public sector.

The CONSOLCA project aims to:

  1. consolidate SYKE’s practical LCA skills,
  2. develop new, and improve existing, LCA internal operational standards, 
  3. identify new knowledge on emerging issues in LCA from across SYKE,
  4. reinforce SYKE’s capacity, and identify knowledge/skills gap, in LCA, and 
  5. ensure that SYKE will be one of the key and competitive players of LCA in Finland, also in the future. 

Moreover, the project aims at strengthening national and international collaboration in order to create a more solid grounds for future research. The project thus contributes to SYKE’s strategic objective to base decision-making on reliable and robust research-based data. 

Moreover, LCA is a practical method in assessing the environmental impacts of possible solutions to strengthen a sustainable circular economy, as well as low-carbon and urban scale solutions. However, in order to deliver on its promises, LCA requires a strong scientific basis, ethical practices and nation-wide collaboration. These aspects are in the core of the CONSOLCA project.

Project has ended. More information and outcomes of this project can be found from

Published 2021-02-18 at 13:12, updated 2023-04-26 at 12:18