Basel Convention Regional Centre Support Programme

Project Description

The project addresses the poor management of hazardous chemicals and hazardous waste by building the capacity of the Africa Institute, which is an intergovernmental institute established in Pretoria by the English speaking African countries. The Africa Institute acts as a Regional Centre for the Basel Convention, which aims to protect human health and the environment against the adverse effects of generation, management, trans-boundary movements and disposal of hazardous waste. The purpose of the project is to develop the Africa Institute into a sustainable regional knowledge and service centre on hazardous waste issues for the target countries. The International Technical Assistance provided supports the Africa Institute both at strategic and operational levels.

Services provided by SYKE

SYKE provides back-up for the core staff of the Africa Institute in project implementation. Main areas of the support will be developing the capacity building services and general project management. SYKE's support is given periodically through well targeted short-term inputs.

More information

Mr. Pekka J. Salminen, Project Manager, International Affairs Unit, Finnish Environment Institute

Published 2013-04-11 at 15:56, updated 2013-05-03 at 16:34

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