is a showcase and sharing platform for Finland’s climate, circular economy and nature solutions

News 2022-03-03 at 13:28

Sustainability Leap is an online platform provided and maintained by the Finnish Environment Institute to present and disseminate climate, circular economy and nature solutions.

The purpose of the service is to gather progressive practices into a single service to present the benefits of actions and enable their replication.

In addition, a common online platform is cost-effective, as different actors do not have to use resources to build and maintain their own reference services.

The service is open, permanent and free for all actors: municipalities, companies, organizations, residents, parishes, research projects, etc.

“We want to highlight effective actions that clearly contribute to climate change mitigation, circular economy and halting the loss of biodiversity. The best examples show not only successes, but also obstacles and how to overcome them. Particularly interesting are the numerically calculated benefits and cost impacts of an action”, says Ulla Ala-Ketola, Editor-in-Chief of the online service at the Finnish Environment Institute.

Finnish Environment Institute SYKE checks the actions before publishing them. The service is published in Finnish and English. SYKE is ready to open the user interface in Swedish, if different parties are prepared to produce content for the service.

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Ulla Ala-Ketola, Communications Specialist, Finnish Environment Institute, tel. +358 50 465 5883,

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