Scientific articles


Zonation-relevant references (loosely grouped)

Primarily methodological

Oldest basic Zonation references

Moilanen, A. 2007. Landscape Zonation, benefit functions and target-based planning. Unifying reserve selection strategies. Biological Conservation, 134: 571-579.

Moilanen, A., Franco, A.M.A., Early, R., Fox, R., Wintle, B., and C.D. Thomas. 2005. Prioritising multiple use landscapes for conservation: methods for large multi species planning problems. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B Biol. Sci., 272: 1885-1891.

Three more recent pieces about generally relevant methods

Moilanen, A., and Arponen A. 2011. Administrative regions in conservation: balancing local priorities with regional to global preferences in spatial planning. Biological Conservation, 144: 1719-1725.

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Application in impact avoidance and/or biodiversity offsetting

Kareksela, S., Moilanen, A., Ristaniemi, O., Välivara, R. and J.S. Kotiaho. 2017. Exposing ecological and economic costs of the research implementation gap and compromises in decision making. Conservation Biology 32, 9-17.

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Community or environment -level analysis methods

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NEW! Harlio, A.; Kuussari, M.; Heikkinen, R.K. & Arponen, A. 2019. Incorporating landscape heterogeneity into multi-objective spatial planning improves biodiversity conservation of semi-natural grasslands. Journal of Nature Conservation, 49, 37-44.

BQP connectivity method; distribution smoothing

Moilanen, A. and B. A. Wintle. 2007. The boundary quality penalty a quantitative method for approximating species responses to fragmentation in reserve selection. Conservation Biology, 21: 355-364.

Why use Zonation in the first place instead of target-based systematic conservation planning

Moilanen, A., and Arponen A. 2011a. Setting conservation targets under budgetary constraints. Biological Conservation, 144: 650-653.

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Interactions and interaction connectivity between features

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Freshwater (tree topology) connectivity

Moilanen, A., Leathwick, J.R., and J. Elith. 2008. A method for freshwater conservation prioritization. Freshwater Biology, 53: 577-592.

Uncertainty analysis

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Edge artefacts in national-level planning

Moilanen, A., Anderson, B.J., Arponen, A., Pouzols, F.M., and C.D. Thomas. 2013. Edge artefacts and lost performance in national versus continental conservation priority areas. Diversity and Distributions 19: 171–183.

Applications with useful analysis setups

Lehtomäki, J., Kusumoto, B., Shiono, T., Tanaka, T., Kubota, Y. & Moilanen, A. 2018. Spatial conservation prioritization for the East Asian islands: A balanced representation of multitaxon biogeography in a protected area network. Diversity and Distributions 2018: 1-16.

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Design of reserve networks and surrogacy

Kremen, C., A. Cameron, A. Moilanen, S. Phillips, C. D. Thomas, H. Beentje, J. Dransfeld, B. L. Fisher, F. Glaw, T. Good, G. Harper, R.J. Hijmans, D. C. Lees, E. Louis Jr., R. A. Nussbaum, A. Razafimpahanana, C. Raxworthy, G. Schatz, M. Vences, D. R.Vieites, P. C. Wright , M. L.Zjhra. 2008. Aligning conservation priorities across taxa in Madagascar, a biodiversity hotspot, with high-resolution planning tools. Science, 320: 222-226.

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Carbon and biodiversity

Thomas, C.D., Anderson, B.J., Moilanen, A., Eigenbrod, F., Heinemeyer, A., Quaife T., Roy, D.B., Gillings, S., Armsworth, P.R., and K. J. Gaston. 2013. Reconciling biodiversity and carbon conservation. Ecology Letters, 16-S1: 39-47.

Evaluation of proposed conservation areas, good example

Leathwick, J. R., Moilanen, A., Francis, M., Elith, J., Taylor, P. Julian, K. and T. Hastie. 2008. Novel methods for the design and evaluation of marine protected areas in offshore waters. Conservation Letters, 1: 91-102.

Habitat restoration planning

Thomson, J.R., Moilanen, A., McNally, R., and P. Vesk. 2009. A quantitative method for prioritizing landscape revegetation. Ecological Applications, 19: 817-828.

Applications in the context of climate change

Carroll, C., Moilanen, A., and J. Dunk. 2010. Designing multi-species reserve networks for resilience to climate change: priority areas for spotted owl and localized endemics in the pacific North-West USA. Global Change Biology, 16: 891-904.

Kujala, H, Moilanen, A., Araújo, M.B., and M. Cabeza. 2013. Conservation planning with uncertain climate change projections. PLoS One 8: e53315, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0053315.

Expansion of conservation areas accounting for connectivity

Lehtomäki, J., Tomppo, E., Kuokkanen, P. Hanski, I., and A. Moilanen. 2009. Planning of forest conservation areas using high-resolution GIS data and software for spatial conservation prioritization. Forest Ecology and Management, 258: 2439-2449.

Urban environments

Gordon, A., Simondson, D., White, M., Moilanen, A., and Bekessy, S.A. 2009. Integrating conservation planning and land-use planning in urban landscapes. Landscape and Urban Planning, 91: 183-194.

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Single-species planning

Sirkiä, S., Lehtomäki, J., Lindén,H., Tomppo, E. and A Moilanen. 2013. Spatial conservation prioritization of capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) lekking landscapes in South-Central Finland. Wildlife Biology, in press.

Analysis of national Natura 2000 network

Mikkonen, N. and A. Moilanen. 2013. Identification of top priority areas and management landscapes from a national Natura 2000 network. Environmental Science & Policy, 27: 11-20.

Application to genetic data

Taberlet, P., Gugerli, F., Zimmermann, N.E., Englisch, T., Tribsch, A., Holderegger, R., Alvarez, N., Niklfeld, H., Mirek, Z., Moilanen, A., et al. (54 authors). 2012. Genetic diversity in widespread species is not congruent with species richness in alpine plant communities. Ecology Letters 15: 1439-1448.

Ecotourism, balancing multiple land uses

Di Minin, E., MacMillan, D.C., Goodman, P.S., Escott, B., Slotow, R., and A. Moilanen. 2013. Businesses and conservation planning in a biological diversity hotspot. Cons. Biol., 27: 808-820.

Z-relevant Book Chapters

Moilanen, A., Kujala, H. and J. Leathwick. 2009. The Zonation framework and software for conservation prioritization. Pp. 196-210 in Moilanen, Wilson and Possingham (Eds.), Spatial Conservation Prioritization, Oxford University Press.

Moilanen, A. and I. Ball. 2009. Heuristic and approximate optimization methods for spatial conservation prioritization. Pp. 58-69 in Moilanen, Wilson and Possingham (Eds.), Spatial Conservation Prioritization, Oxford University Press.

The manuals


Di Minin, E., V. Veach, F.M. Pouzols, J. Lehtomäki and A. Moilanen. 2014. A quick introduction to Zonation, 32 pp. ISBN: 978-952-10-9921-2 (paperback)

Moilanen, A., F.M. Pouzols, L. Meller, V. Veach, A. Arponen, J. Leppänen, and H. Kujala. 2014. Zonation spatial conservation planning methods and software V4, User manual, 290 pp. ISBN 978-952-10-9919-9 (paperback)

Old versions

Moilanen, A., L. Meller, J. Leppänen, H. Kujala and A. Arponen. 2011. Zonation spatial conservation planning framework and software v3.0, User manual, ~300 pp.

Moilanen, A. and H. Kujala. 2008. Zonation spatial conservation planning framework and software v. 2.0, User manual, 136 pp.

Moilanen, A. and H. Kujala. 2006. Zonation spatial conservation planning framework and software v. 1.0, User manual, 126 pp. Edita, Helsinki, Finland.

Other relevant bits of methods not specific to Zonation

Review of the concepts of spatial prioritization

Kukkala, A. and A. Moilanen. 2013. The core concepts of spatial prioritization in systematic conservation planning. Biological Reviews, 88: 443-464.

Book about spatial prioritization

Moilanen, A., K. A. Wilson, and H.P. Possingham, editors. 2009. Spatial Conservation Prioritization: Quantitative Methods and Computational Tools. Oxford University Press.

What data has typically been used in SCP

Kullberg, P. and A. Moilanen. 2014. Spatial biodiversity analyses and information needs of the Convention on Biological Diversity. Natureza & Conservacao, 12: 3-10.

Mathematical classification of conservation prioritization problems

Moilanen, A., Possingham, H.P., and S. Polasky. 2009. A mathematical classification of conservation prioritisation problems. Pp. 28-42 in Moilanen, Wilson and Possingham (Eds.), Spatial Conservation Prioritization, Oxford University Press.

Community level analysis – why it works or not

Arponen, A., Moilanen, A., and S. Ferrier. 2008. A successful community-level strategy for conservation prioritization. Journal of Applied Ecology, 45: 1436-1445.

Replacement cost

Cabeza, M. and A. Moilanen. 2006. Replacement cost: a useful measure of site value for conservation planning. Biological Conservation 132: 336-342.

Moilanen, A., A. Arponen, J. Stokland and M. Cabeza. 2009. Assessing replacement cost of conservation areas: how does habitat loss influence priorities? Biological Conservation, 142: 575-585.

Generalized complementarity – dependence and independence between planning units

Moilanen, A. 2008b. Generalized Complementarity and Mapping of the Concepts of Systematic Conservation Planning. Conservation Biology, 22: 1655-1658.

The ecological model and optimization: what is it that matters?

Moilanen, A. 2008a. Two paths to a suboptimal solution: once more about optimality in reserve selection. Biological Conservation 141: 1919-1923.

Info-gap reserve selection

Moilanen, A., M. Runge, J. Elith, A. Tyre, Y. Carmel, E. Fegraus, B. Wintle, M. Burgman and Y. Ben-Haim. 2006b. Planning for robust reserve networks using uncertainty analysis. Ecological Modelling, 119: 115-124.

Focus on consequences of conservation actions instead of pattern-based spatial planning

Pouzols, F.M., Burgman, M.A., and A. Moilanen. 2012. Methods for allocation of habitat management, maintenance, restoration and offsetting, when conservation actions have uncertain consequences. Biological Conservation, 153: 41-50.

Pouzols, F.M. and A. Moilanen. 2013. RobOff: software for analysis of alternative land-use options and conservation actions. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 4: 426-432.

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