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Ranking Natura 2000 habitats and Natura 2000 areas for nature management and restoration in Finland: Identifying best potential for cost-effective ecosystem improvement
© Santtu Kareksela et al. 2018 / Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife

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See abstract from ECCB 2018 here.


kareksela et al. 2018 Natura 2000 Improvement Zonation

Spatial conservation prioritization of Finnish forests for more sustainable land use planning
© Ninni Mikkonen et al. / Finnish Environment Institute SYKE 2018

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See abstract from EBBC 2018 here.


Mikkonen et al. ECCB2018 Forest Biodiversity prioritization mini

Winner poster!

This poster won the 3rd prize in the 5th European Conference Of Conservation Biology student poster competition. Congratulations!

The potential biodiversity effects of voluntary peatland conservation in Finland
© Nieminen et al. 2018 / University of Jyväskylä

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See abstract from ECCB 2018 here.

Nieminen et al. ECCB 2018 posteri mini


Conservation and Restoration in Decision-making: Combining decision support tools and local expertise when targeting complementarity and individual hotspots
© Santtu Kareksela et al. 2015 / Metsähallitus

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Identification and assessment of top priority areas for conservation management using Natura 2000 data
© Ninni Mikkonen / Metsähallitus 2015

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Nieminen et al. ECCB 2018 posteri mini
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