Specialist work related to ecosystem services theme

Researchers are often needed to identify solutions and to assess various alternatives in support of decision-making in society. Finnish Envrironment Institute (Syke) carries out a large number of specialist assignments related to ecosystem services and biodiversity. This work is conducted in co-operation with the central government, research institutes and expert institutions, and universities. Our knowledge and competence supports the preparation and implementation of national and international legislation, and it enriches public debate.

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The duties of Syke's specialists include assessing the endangerment status of species and habitats; their protection; and specialist work related to the implementation of the EU’s Habitats Directive and Birds Directive – e.g., the obligations laid down in international agreements such as the Convention on Biological Diversity and the CITES Convention. Duties also include developing methods for the restoration and management of various habitat types by means of the latest information available, such as that used in the METSO programme. Furthermore, Syke assesses the environmental risks posed by the use of genetically modified organisms, the availability of genetic resources, and the sharing of the resulting benefits. Other services provided by Syke include specialist offerings such as information systems and the related support, and various training sessions and events.

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