Finland’s best landscape project sought for the eighth time

Press release 2022-03-31 at 8:39

The competition for Finland’s best landscape project is here once more. Projects in which landscapes have been successfully managed, protected or planned are invited to enter this competition organised by the Ministry of the Environment and the Finnish Environment Institute. NGOs as well as regional and local authorities can enter their projects that have already been completed. The competition will close on 2 September 2022.

Catlle in the meadow
Catlle in the nature meadow in Espoo City. Photo Riku Lumiaro

The landscape is affected by natural processes and human activities as well as interactions between the two. In the competition for Finland’s best landscape project, landscapes and projects associated with them are understood in a wide sense, and the organisers invite candidates to enter different projects implemented in recent years. The projects can be related to natural or cultural landscapes and rural or urban areas alike. The sites may be valuable landscapes or cultural environments, but candidates are also encouraged to enter everyday environments and restoration projects of degraded landscapes in the competition. Both traditional and modern perspectives on the landscape will be welcome.

The competition will close on 2 September 2022. You can enter by using the form provided on the competition’s website or a freely worded proposal that contains the corresponding information.

The winner will be Finland's candidate for the Landscape Award of the Council of Europe

The winner will be announced at the Landscape Symposium in Helsinki in autumn 2022. The Landscape Symposium is a national event for shaping perspectives on the implementation of the Council of Europe Landscape Convention in Finland.

The landscape project chosen as the best in Finland will be the Finnish candidate for the Council of Europe’s Landscape Award. This award is presented every two years under the Council of Europe Landscape Convention in Finland, which Finland became party to in 2006. The winning projects and all those that participate in the competition promote the attainment of the Landscape Convention’s objectives and represent exemplary achievements of landscape management in Europe.

Cattles brousing costal meadow in Bay on Bothnia. Pohoto Jorma Pessa.

The winner of Finland’s best landscape project competition in 2020, the project of the ELY Centre for Northern Ostrobothnia on managing coastal meadows on the Bay of Bothnia, received a Special Mention in the Council of Europe’s Landscape Award competition in autumn 2021. This was the second time Finland received such recognition. The actual Landscape Award went to an Italian project which restored an area rich in history and biodiversity outside the city of Bergamo, including a monastery.


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