Water quality modelling service - from source to sea

Do you need to forecast the influences of your operations on water flow or quality in rivers, lakes or coastal areas?

Environment Institute SYKE offers modelling for calculating water quality and transport of substances, such as nutrients and chemicals in rivers, lakes and Finnish coastal waters. We support environmental planning by providing computational approaches for selecting the best choice among design alternatives. The application areas include the forecasting of influences of waste water, management of discharges by regulation, construction works and the environmental effects of aquaculture.

We have participated in numerous water risk management projects. The applicability of our tools ranges from high-resolution local models to large-scale connected modelling systems, and can be augmented by custom code on a case-by-case basis. Ice formation and cover on lakes can also be included in the calculations.

Water flow and dispersion of solid substances calculated by COHERENS 3D-model.

We offer the following services

  • Lake modelling using COHERENS (3-D, 2-D) and MyLake (1-D)
  • River modelling using SOBEK (1-D, 2-D) and COHERENS (2-D, 3-D) (excluding white water rivers)
  • Catchment/national scale hydrology and water quality: WSFS-Vemala
  • Coastal water quality modelling using WSFS-Vemala and FICOS 
Published 2020-05-28 at 16:08, updated 2022-02-14 at 11:45