Street dust research

Picture: Roosa Ritola


Street dust refers to particles generated by vehicle induced wear (road, tyre and brake wear) and dust accumulated on the road surface from other sources, such as road sanding and salting. Street dust is an important contributor to ambient PM concentrations especially during spring. Street dust research conducted in SYKE aims to provide information on the street dust formation and emissions as well as street dust mitigation measures. In their work, Syke's researchers utilize various measurement methods and the NORTRIP road dust model. Research is done together with expert institutes and city/state authorities. These project pages present Syke's street dust research and the most important projects in the field.


Further information:

Researcher, Sami Kulovuori, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE,
Researcher, Ana Stojiljkovic, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE,
Head of Unit, Niko Karvosenoja, Finnish Environment Institut SYKE,
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