North Region RESTORE Seminar 2013

Outcomes from North Region - Final Seminar in Finland

In August 150  river restoration experts from Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Poland and Finland participated to the North Region RESTORE Final Seminar in Lahti. The seminar wrapped up  the best approaches and  restoration cases in  Northern countries. Need of standardized monitoring, priorization of  measures and new restoration approaches, like guiding dynamic erosion processes in Poland, were presented. Environmental flow, nature-like fish passages and side channels were highlighted, to increase the reproduction of migratory fish stocks.  Urban and agricultural small watercourses are essential for green infrastructure.

The new Finnish Watercourse Restoration Network held its third seminar combined with the RESTORE event. The award for the year´s restoration action was given for the first time at a Cruise along Lake Vesijärvi.

The RESTORE event received good feedback and it was considered to be excellent for networking and sharing river restoration knowledge and experiences. One quotation condenses the essence of the event: “The event was an inspiration boost that made me even more interested in this kind of work. Seeing is believing!”.

Presentations 14.8.2013

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