Restoring Europe's Rivers (RESTORE)

Aims of the project

RESTORE encourages the restoration of European rivers which refers to bringing rivers and their catchment areas back towards a more original and natural state. This delivers increased ecological quality, flood risk reduction, and social and economic benefits.

rheinfelden_small_natural fish pass.jpg

Photo. Nature-like bypass channel in Rheinfelden, Germany-Switzerland.

The keystrategies that RESTORE uses to contribute to improved river restoration in Europe are:

  • Support river restoration practices across Europe by identifying drivers to river habitat decline and facilitating and sharing timely and relevant knowledge on river restoration to relevant audiences including best practices in river restorations
  • Improve the network capacity on river restoration across Europe by building up and supporting fragmented existing and emerging networks
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer among river restoration networks by developing knowledge sharing tools and organizing knowledge exchange events.

In RESTORE the different river restoration policies and practices in Europe are being compared between North, South, East and West Europe. The following countries are involved:

  • North: Finland (North region leader), Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Poland
  • South: Italy (South region leader), Spain, Portugal, Greece, Slovenia and France
  • East: Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary (East region leader is DLG/Netherlands)
  • West: UK (West region leader), Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria and Belgium.

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